What should you consider for an RMO office

    Business challenges a results management office should address

    1. What is a dynamic RMO environment?

    • Regular scope changes and scope creep
    • Regular changes in leadership and sponsors
    • Changes in RMO internal structures
    • Need to provide services to various levels in a organization
    • Misalignments between objectives of various stakeholders

    2. Typical roles of the RMO

    • Support business with identifying pain points and defining objectives
    • Support business with creating improvement initiatives and implementation thereof
    • Report and monitor on business status in specific areas
    • Provide executive support
    • Upskill the business employees

    3. Typical success criteria

    • Number of upskilled client team members
    • Number of developed and quantified initiatives
    • Progress on initiative implementation
    • Sustainable RMO after employees roll off
    • General client satisfaction
    • Operational integrated dashboard