Enabling a culture of continuous sustainable impact using enterprise-wide Results Management Office

    The ability of executive to generate quick sustainable value in strategic projects depends on their ability to implement discipline execution, performance management and allocate resources (time and budget) . This can all be easily achieved by deliberately driving results in an agile, focused and innovate way.

    What would enable a culture of continuous  sustainable impact? BITECH recommends an enterprise-wide Results Management Office, but why?:

    •  It builds capability required to drive results
    • It provides guaranteed delivery and results
    • It will integrate all functions that are needed to achieve impact
    • It sets the standards and framework for driving impact
    • It will continuously integrate enterprise strategies
    • It will provide Business Intelligence (reporting and monitoring ) combined with escalation mechanism

    Why should executives drive  mission critical projects using an RMO?:

    • Provide dedicated resources whose core function is to drive results and increase urgency in the organization
    • Provide an environment for implementing agility, innovation and problem solving
    • Incorporate data analytics and intelligence in decision making
    • Continuously Incorporate trends and learning in critical project execution
    • Implement capital strategy initiatives within budget and on time at the highest quality and standard
    • Standardization across projects and ensure best practice execution
    • Provide forecasting and automated reporting, resulting in one version of the truth and proactive escalation and risk management
    • Drive escalation mechanism that eliminates waste and increases urgency
    • Accelerate the business cases and approval cycle

    Achieving Impact:

    What will give you the  assurance and guarantee ? Develop the right Governance including the  5  activities.

    • Implement consequence management. This should include reinforcement of good performance and correction of poor performance
    • The RMO will need a drumbeat that incorporate agility. All activities should be completed on time with clear roles & responsibilities
    • To track effectiveness, formal Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These KPI should either measure initiative objectives or should goal oriented. decision support levers and operational support levers will need to be put into place
    • Monitoring and tracking mechanism for all activities . All mission critical activities will need to monitored and tracked, with clear escalation mechanism and drum beat of reporting
    • Have an ongoing and customer centric stakeholder management plan